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On community - meet Roberto Herrera, PhD

Updated: Feb 7

Roberto Herrera is one of our three guides in Costa Rica. He was a strategic advisor in the lead up and building of Find a Journey. His wisdom and insights into power dynamics and their relation to tradition, ritual and the environment bring magical elements to the Costa Rican agenda.

Sprinkled throughout the caravan will be the rare opportunity to walk the lands with Dr. Herrera whose unique take on Landscape as Community will inspire, inform and return you back to your own community with a different view on power structures.

To walk the rainforest with a working archaeologist in the country where he is currently carrying out research is a rare gift - and to be able to carry out a ritual of the indigenous people with the proper understanding of what it means is even more precious.

Dr. Herrera is currently carrying out research in the Osa Penisula of Costa Rica while teaching religion and anthropology in the City University of New York System.

His current goals are to explore the degree to which pre-contact indigenous societies maintained sustainable social and ecological existences amid a dynamic cultural and environmental landscape and integrate them with local modern-day sustainable, ecological and commercial practices.

Dr. Herrera has worked intensively in an understudied but deeply important area of the Americas, and has been privileged to lead and participate on several seminal investigations. A recent winner of the 2022 ACLS fellowship, Dr. Herrera is expanding the Osa Peninsula Archaeology project in 2023.

On a personal note, this author met Dr. Herrera when she was in her early twenties, was his lab partner in first undergrad geology class and now counts him and his beautiful wife and son as part of her extended family.

Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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