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On empathy - meet Bill Dickinson, D. Min., RCC

As Bill would say "leadership is tough."

But, he brings such incredible credibility and vulnerability out in his clients which have ranged from large multinational private sector companies to individual entrepreneurs.

He seeks a deep understanding to uncover extraordinary leaders and for that to be understood - including the leaders own limitations. In doing so, he treats his clients with the utmost respect and dignity.

His coaching style blends adult learning theory, emotional intelligence and business psychology to elevate your needs at any given moment. And, he believes in accountability and flexibility.

Bill will be leading our evening rituals and will be available throughout the week to our guests. His unique background as a former priest brings a touch of divinity to all he does - trust us when we say you might end up crying to him.

He has multiple credentials. Please visit his LinkedIn profile to learn more.

Bill is currently on the hunt for a retirement property in Valencia Spain with his partner - check out the posts on his profile, because they are lovely.

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