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Hitting rock bottom

(Trigger warning)

Is this the way?

I thought it was.

I had made it in Corporate space with a title and a high 6-Figure income.

This is the place that my family and society told me would make me feel successful.

I not only didn't feel successful...I felt miserable and depressed.

I was considering killing myself. This wasn't an option because my family was counting on me.

This was my rock bottom moment.

I arrived here after years of denying what I valued vs. what the world said was successful.

I would hear my inner voice yelling at me and I would mute it and go on autopilot.

Maybe it was my time being homeless in 2009.

Maybe it was not having a father in my life.

As I think about these things, it was all of these traumatic events that became the intersection of my rock bottom in 2017.

How did I get better?

I quit.

Went to Therapy.

Started to Volunteer and Created my Purpose.

This Process sounds clean, but on the contrary, it was messy but necessary. It didn't happen overnight. It took four years to get me to a place of peace and Joy.

Today, you can find me working on my purpose. still in therapy and on my healing journey! Now, I Authentically use my story to Maybe help others unlock their potential.

p.s. (an update as of January 2023 check his new website at


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